Knights Templar Mantle (Cloak) with Hood - Mantle ONLY

Made with 100% Cotton fabric

(Tunic, helmet, chain mail, weapons, manikin, etc. NOT INCLUDED)


This mantle is heavier and more durable for a more traditional look and feel worn by the original Knights Templar.


Available in Medium or Tall (see sizes below):


Medium will fit an individual 5'7" - 5'10" (67-70 inches or 170-178 cm)
This size will be longer or shorter when worn depending on the height of the person)

Tall will fit an individual 5'10" (70 inches or 178 cm)


You can have this item tailored by your local tailor for your height if it is too long (Tailoring service NOT provided with this purchase)

Knights Templar Mantle (Cloak) with Hood [100% Cotton]

  • We will gladly accept return within 10 days if you find manufacturer defects with the mantle.